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Lactation Consultant

Fairfield County

My Story

I decided to become a lactation specialist after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl Mackenzie. I really wanted to breastfeed but faced some challenges at the beginning. Mackenzie was a very small baby with a weak suck and I was recovering from a C section. I can honestly say without the support of a lactation specialist I do not believe our breastfeeding journey would have been such a success.

I knew right away that I needed to help other moms in this situation. Having a medical background has really helped me to get a deep understanding of Lactation and the ability to apply this knowledge in a supportive, practical and caring manner.

Together I will help you navigate this special time with comfort and ease and set you up for a wonderful special journey with your little one.

Baby Breastfeeding

Who I Am

As a Breastfeeding Specialist, I understand the weight and frustration of needing help but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: identify my clients issues, understand the processes to fix them, and put together a plan that’s personalized, practical and effective.

Newborn Baby

Client's Stories

  • Cassandra J.
    Working with Suzanne was the absolute best decision! I was introduced to Suzanne through a local mom’s group and signed up for her virtual breastfeeding and lactation course. Her approach is realistic and practical, never preachy or pushy, which I appreciated. She’s compassionate, funny and so kind. There is so much conversation about the benefits of breastfeeding and it can feel like a lot of pressure. You rarely hear about how challenging it can be. I did a lot of research ahead of time but none really prepares you. After taking Suzanne’s virtual course, I felt I had practical information that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I had Suzanne come over for an in person consultation the day the day after we got home from the hospital. I had a very challenging start with breastfeeding but after my consult with Suzanne things felt so much easier and we really turned a corner. Her advice on latching, holds and how to help with supply issues, timing and technique made so much sense, even more so than the consult with the IBCLC at the hospital I’m now able to breastfeed with confidence and ease and my baby is super happy. We wouldn’t have gotten here without Suzanne’s help! 10/10 highly recommend!
  • Shannon P.
    I needed urgent support as a first time mom struggling with nursing during the COVID pandemic. Suzanne is easy to talk to, compassionate, knowledgeable, followed up and designed an approach based on my needs. She gave me awareness, strategy and the skills to push forward on my journey nursing. I booked a couple of visits with her and would do it all over again! I recommend Suzanne for her ability to identify the issues, solve the problem and being such a warm support during a difficult process.
  • Gina M.
    Suzanne was so helpful in the early newborn days when I was learning all about breastfeeding. I had an oversupply, and also just had no idea if I was doing things “correctly.” She was so sweet and knowledgeable, and she made me feel so at ease. I felt much more confident in my breastfeeding journey after meeting with her, and I’ve been able to check in with her when we’ve hit some bumps along the way. I highly recommend Suzanne if you’re looking for a LC!
  • Valerie K.
    Suzanne saved my nipples and my breastfeeding journey when my daughter was born. She is very practical. She taught me how to latch the baby easily. But was also helpful figuring out our bottles and pumping routine. Would definitely work with her again.
  • Hollis W.
    Suzanne was absolutely wonderful in a time of need. She came to my house and helped support me through the basics when I was struggling. She has a really easy, playful and warm bedside manner. It was a confidence boosting experience that really set me up for success with breastfeeding. I can’t recommend Suzanne highly enough!
  • Judy C.
    Suzanne was absolutely amazing! I reached out just prior to delivering my 2nd child as i had a lot of anxiety with my breastfeeding journey with my 1st due to a c section and poor start due to a low milk supply. With my 1st, I ended up combo feeding with breastmilk and formula around 3 months and my supply never really caught up when I tried to transition fully to breastfeeding. I wanted to prepare myself better for my 2nd and Suzanne was an amazing listener. We really connected on our breastfeeding journeys with our first children and the difficulties that new moms face. She gave me some excellent tips and advice for self-care. I was able to breastfeed my son (2nd child) exclusively for 7 months which was better than the 3-4 months I had expected! Thanks Suzanne!

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